We Walk Together

This concept was conceived by Agnieszka Matejko and created in consultation with Kathaleen Quinn, Chair of Social Work at MacEwan University.

We Walk Together is an art installation inspired by graffiti, only it is positive, and life affirming graffiti. Fourteen poetic reflections were selected out of over one hundred submissions written by Braemar High School students in the classes of Nicole Galellis. These submissions address the topic of caring for others and were selected through community consultation. This installation is permanently sandblasted onto sidewalks at the entrance of the High Level Bridge.

The aim of this artwork is to create a moment of pause and reflection for pedestrians and to build a sense of community among passersby.

A special thank you goes out to:

  • Jannie Edwards for conducting several workshops with Braemar High School students and serving on the selections jury
  • Nicole Galellis for her indefatigable support and allowing us to come into her classes
  • Kris Andreychuk (Community Capacity Builder, Community Services, Neighbourhood Empowerment Team, City of Edmonton) for his support, advice and assistance with selections of the submissions
  • MacEwan University faculty and staff for their advice and support of this project

This project was funded by a Research and Scholarly Activity and Creative Achievement Fund from MacEwan University.

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