Sidewalk Poetry

Not everyone can be a published poet. Yet, there are thousands , maybe millions of remarkable poems written by children, seniors and others that lie hidden in the drawers and basements of our city. In this installation, Agnieszka Matejko went out into the Callingwood and broader Edmonton community and through posters, community league websites and school workshops (conducted by Jannie Edwards) poetry from both residents and established poets. The result is this installation: a tribute to the talents and gifts within us all.

Sidewalk Poetry is a Percent for Public Art, Edmonton Arts Council Commission


Selected Poets:

  • Laura Dennis
  • Sue Leighton
  • Shirley A. Serviss
  • Dominik Royko
  • Alanna Quintero
  • Marco Melfi
  • Evan Dion
  • S.E. Ingraham
  • Sahar Nizar Ali
  • Andriy M.T. Cherwick
  • Shanelle Beltran
  • Rachelle Espiritu
  • Clarise Cleofe
  • Sierra Roberts
  • Jeremy Midwinter
  • Tenessa Fraser
  • Reza Mohammed Ahmadi
  • Kaylin Gallinger
  • Mercedes Larocque
  • Stephanie Attwell
  • Aquielle McKay
  • Breanna Manchur-Birch
  • Abbey Pagée
  • Cassi Budd
  • Alexandra Carlson
  • Lan Dang
  • Harrold Paderan
  • Jai Hyun Park


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