Acknowledgements for Sidewalk Poetry

Sidewalk Poetry is a Percent for Public Art, Edmonton Arts Council Commission


Selected Poets:

  • Laura Dennis
  • Sue Leighton
  • Shirley A. Serviss
  • Dominik Royko
  • Alanna Quintero
  • Marco Melfi
  • Evan Dion
  • S.E. Ingraham
  • Sahar Nizar Ali
  • Andriy M.T. Cherwick
  • Shanelle Beltran
  • Rachelle Espiritu
  • Clarise Cleofe
  • Sierra Roberts
  • Jeremy Midwinter
  • Tenessa Fraser
  • Reza Mohammed Ahmadi
  • Kaylin Gallinger
  • Mercedes Larocque
  • Stephanie Attwell
  • Aquielle McKay
  • Breanna Manchur-Birch
  • Abbey Pagée
  • Cassi Budd
  • Alexandra Carlson
  • Lan Dang
  • Harrold Paderan
  • Jai Hyun Park

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